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I kind of hated it but I gave it a 5/5 anyway because it made me laugh out loud. Damn you!

Good Plot, Great Script, Excellent Voice Actress

Keep up the good work. Keep pushing yourself to use new techniques to increase your video production's quality. I look forward to parts 2 & 3.

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The Game - Don't lose it

Pro-Tips. How to beat the game in under 20 days:

Your first 3 throws aim high. If you can't purchase three power-ups in your first two turns, start over.

After that, give some really hard throws, but keep it fairly straight and under 3 meters. You'll get a really good velocity bonus giving you extra meters (and ultimately points) Once you upgrade hurricane and have navigation controls you can keep getting a boost off windmills. 10, 20, 30 at a time. Don't be afraid to pull really far back on your plane to keep its momentum to reach the next windmill.

Purchase Lightweight/Aerodynamic upgrades first followed by the ability to steer your plane. Always choose to upgrade your plane over other upgrades ("Better Model").

Use Rudder Control to bounce off of windmills. Once you have enough money, upgrade Hurricane and crane booster as fast as you can.

Don't ever purchase any upgrades from the bottom row except Crane Duration (after you have passed the first 1 or 2 levels.

Remember: To clear a stage you must go for distance. Conveniently this is also the best way to get points. I'd know. I've spent just over 16 hours playing this game.

After you've reached the third stage you should work on upgrading Lucky Star and Green Fuel.

Throwing Power and Fire engine I did not mention so far because they are not very important to upgrade after you upgrade them initially. These are your 1-and-done power-ups.

I hope it helps!

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Another music based game

Some of the timing was slightly off and menu options could have been slightly better, but you had good music, graphics, medals, and the "Toasty Girl". so good job. Excellent features and descriptions of how to play were decent.

A perfect game for those of you who like Dance Dance Revolution, In The Groove, Stepmania, Audio Surf, Pump It Up, Guitar Hero, Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Dx., Taiko Drum Master, and Beatmania.

TaroNuke responds:

The toasty girl this time is the villain of an adventure game I'm working on xD


Good game. A variety of difficulties

I have been having trouble with nearly everything after level 18. A good challenge.

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Question for you

I can't say I'm a huge fan of the trip step+daft punk voice+dance influence but I can tell you're really good at what you do from this. I am wondering how you learned to write. I've tried writing with ProTools and Ableton Live. Granted I don't take the considerable time to learn everything. I've only spent maybe 60 hours between the 2 programs, but I was wondering what program you use and if you used any tutorials/where to find some. Keep producing. I look forward to see what you come up with next.


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InvisibleObserver responds:

Answer for you.

60 hours is probably the total time I would spend on 6 or so songs (on average). 60 hours is very little time investment, while it would be enough to allow basic understanding of the hosting software, its not enough time to become skilled with the software, nor is it time to let ones abilities become defined in any manner.

I've learned to write with a lot of experimentation and trial and error, and a basic background in music theory. My style of writing is relatively unique in a sense that I attempt to avoid cliche's and well known convention. This song isn't the strongest example of that, but theres a lot of sound creation and manipulation I've done that helps set this apart from others.

I'm using FL8 studio and this songs made up primarily of a free VST known as alieno, another free one called Protoplasm and a paid for one called Vanguard. Rest is samples and some other dinky synths,

I do not refer to tutorials, most people with FL making the tutorials hardly know what they are talking about. The one you will find on youtube are basic and often not the most efficient ways of doing things (I look at them for fun to pick out the flaws), they will provide basic information to stop you from feeling trapped in with the softwares limitation, however they will not give any magical insight. If its necesssary to rely on tutorials after knowing the core functions of a DAW in order to create music or emulate someone elses style, frankly its not a worth while endeavor. May seem a bit conceited, but that is the common trend. There is the rare gem of a tutorial actually imparting important non simplistic information.

Most of this comes with time, as is most things.

If I've missed anything in my 2am rambling, just PM me, I'll clarify. :)

Here's my critique.

8/10 +1 for originality, so I think you earned a 9/10. Here's my critique.
The heartbeat you had before :50 seemed a bit dull. Try using a different sound or modulate it so it sounds more definite, clear. The riff going on around 1:35 sounded very good. 1:57 should probably be slowed down by about 5 bpm or so to fit with the prior part as well as give you the emphasis on the following section that you're looking for.At 2:13 you should consider going back into the full orchestra just like you had at the beginning and then give a drop ride to the part you placed at 2:13. It would give your song the length that it just falls short of. The ending sounded very abrupt and didn't give the feeling of 'epic continuation' like the music could go on forever. I know you are good at that, as you have done so in many of your other pieces.

At least consider my recommendations for a remix or similar future work. Hopefully it can help. It sounded really good and your originality and variety continues to amaze many people whom visit the audio portal specifically for you.
Great job overall, oh and I almost forgot, your modulation at 1:07 was Very Nice.

Have a good one as always,

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wyldfyre1 responds:

Heh i'm not sure we'll be doing a remix of this track but i do like the idea's i MAY try some of this just to get a new outlook on it =) Thanks for the review as always and i'm glad you enjoyed it.

Good song ^_^

I'm impressed in your workmanship as always, this is very good. Only thing, Interesting insturment choice around 1:25, a good change of pace from the same ole techno thing others give. Some of your inspiration certainly did show though though as RokiSensei said. I noticed 2 or 3 well known artists with similar themes. Although that just means you're up there bringing the best to your fans. A good diversification for your collection, but not a title piece for a CD. Keep up the good work.

PS: Your inspiration of from about a year ago has gotten me starting my own song production. I'll send you an email with info.

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