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No more music

2012-02-25 13:56:54 by Donler

Although I never uploaded my higher quality better songs with I got good with Ableton, I have stopped uploading on Newrgounds. You can now find me on my Youtube Channel TribesUniverseNews.


2010-02-14 14:17:15 by Donler

Today begins my fourth official, (5th song) I've released. Many of them seem a bit rough around the edges but even the pros start somewhere. I released [SMOS] Blue Flux Feeling yesterday and I've stayed above a 3.00 so I'm pleased. Hopefully someone will use it in a flash game or background to a flash film and I'll feel encouraged enough to continue.


Beginning Audio Creation

2009-05-25 18:57:57 by Donler

Today begins my first day of audio submission to the portal. I do not have a background in audio technology , however I will be taking a class on it this Fall. Please review any songs I submit, and include details on what you like and what I need to improve on. Thanks!